Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Feeling Good on Lupron

Today I woke up earlier than my sperm donor again.  I read the news of some celebrity having a baby via surrogate, and I started thinking we might have to do that.  The five babies in the freezer.  Is it even ethical to pay a woman to use her uterus like that?  And I found myself googling how much a surrogate costs and thinking of how we are going to pay for that and crying.  WHA.  Slow down.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  I had to get to early pilates!

Working out is the only thing that kept me sane last cycle, and it's the only thing keeping me sane this cycle.  Either Lupron really is an awesome doping drug, or I really have a lot of stress to burn because I have kicked ass and taken names in spin class, pilates, barre, even my weakest suit, yoga.  I'm terrible at yoga!  I really got my money's worth from my Classpass subscription.  I have been working out as much as I possibly can.

Downside is all exercise must stop with stims in a few days, learned that one the hard way last time.  I have a couple chill yoga classes planed the first couple days of stims, but I am not going to push that at all.  All energy during stims must go into stimming!

It's clear that I am not in a place emotionally to do a fresh transfer, and we need the genetic shit anyway, so this will be a freeze all to genetically test the babies in Denver.  I am kind of relieved and glad that I get to maybe have a more "normal" experience without all the stim nonsense combined with pregnancy.  And hopefully I get some good drugs so retrieval isn't as painful and maybe I can recover faster?  I guess we will see.

Freedom Fertility and my insurance aren't playing nicely, so I have to work that out.  I knew it was a question of time until the insurance was too good to be true.  But for today, I feel AWESOME.

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