Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Feeling Better Day After Retrieval

22 eggs, 20 mature, 17 fertilized and made it through the night.  That's better than last time!  That means we are on plan for CSS genetic testing and freeze all.

I can breathe again, so crisis is averted.  I can still feel the fluid in my abdomen, like a really uncomfortable swelling that makes me look pregnant, but my ankles look normal and I can breathe.  Hooray!  It will be a while until that swelling goes down, and I can wear pants with buttons.

I guess my emergency measures worked.  I drank 6 liters of Gatorade.  (The Latin flavors weren't stocked anywhere, boo, so I ended up with red, yellow, dark blue and light blue.  Light blue is awful FYI.)  I ate four huge packs of sunflower seeds, buffalo ranch flavor, the best.  I don't eat crap like this usually, but of course if you want a baby you eat crap and don't work out, that totally makes sense.  I drank an organic protein shake, but threw most of it up.  I even took some Lovenox after reading scary shit about clots and OHSS

Thank god for hydrocodone.  I only took four pills yesterday, and today I've got nowhere to be, so I'm going to take some more pain pills and try to do some work slowly and badly.  I'll need to go back and check those emails LOL.  Also, watch some real housewives I saved for post-surgery recovery, but I was in too much pain yesterday to even watch TV.

I signed up for a slow flow yoga class on Friday.  I will see if I am feeling up to that.  My goal for this gap, while the babies are in the freezer, is to work out.  I don't have any excuses.  I need to be in the best shape of my life.  Working out two hours a day was doing wonders for my body and my mind, and I have a month or so to keep that up, once I feel like my body can handle it.  I need to get my yoga on point so I'm ready for pregnancy yoga, and I just need to get my body together.  Did I mention I'm a huge fan of Classpass?  For now, I'm listening to my body.  Maybe tomorrow my body will want some wine.


  1. Wow, very good numbers so far! Glad you are doing a bit better now.

  2. Good luck! I'm glad you're feeling a little better and you absolutely deserve a day of bad eating after this week!

    Fingers crossed all goes well for the next step!

  3. Wow!!! That's an amazing result! I've been following your journey from the sidelines, sadly, too, busy to comment (esp if I am reading blogs via my phone). Anyway, glad to hear the results so far are in and looking good. Hope your recovery is swift!xx