Monday, July 27, 2015

And The Worst Is Passed

Warning:  TMI and kind of gross, involving toilet stuff after IVF.

As all IVF sisters know, the digestive issues after retrieval, especially with a ton of eggs, are BRUTAL.  Your bladder and bowels are all in there, there's no room for any of it, and your ovaries are like raw nerves where those eggs used to be.  Combined with anesthesia effects on digestion and the crap, high salt diet you are supposed to follow, it's all completely fubar.

I thought I had this under control with some judicious use of Colace and prune juice, but then, and I swear I am not kidding, I think I got food poisoning.  OMG.  So suddenly everything is haywire, and I don't know if I should keep hydrating, eat salt?  What is happening?  Is the food poisoning doing enough to pull fluid out of my ovaries.

I was getting hot and cold sweats, in so much pain I knew painkillers would do nothing.  I was one more hour long time on the pot away from going to the ER.  And I swore I would not go to the ER.

And then it snapped, instantly.  I could breathe.  I felt kinda normal except all the swelling, but it wasn't painful anymore.  I went to a yoga class this morning for old ladies, and it was just perfect.  Just what I needed.  I think this ship has been righted, and now I can focus on my new hobby: the insurance company.

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