Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day #5 Stims

It's only afternoon and I am so over this day.

This morning, my sperm donor was giving me another awful Lovenox shot, and I asked him if he would do this to have a baby and he said no.  He said he would just give up.  Oh, and this is the last time you're doing this too, as if that was a decision made by him at 8AM mid-Lovenox.  Great.  He doesn't give a shit, he will be a terrible dad.  He isn't willing to do anything for our twins!

Then I slowed down.  I am not handling issues like that today.  I am only handling today's issues.  I am not picking a fight with my husband about a theoretical IVF cycle that he is refusing to do.  When it is time for him to do an IVF cycle, we will then address this issue LOL.  It is not productive to think like this and start a fight.  For today, I need to take my Lovenox shot and see the genetic counselor.

The genetic counselor was such a waste.  I waited OVER AN HOUR which pissed me off because I had to cancel a meeting.  I guess I was spoiled by my RE, who is always on time.  When I finally got in there, it was a RN straight out of college who was giving me a 7th grade chromosome lesson.  I haven't taken a science class since 2002, and I knew more than her about CCS.  I was trying not to roll my eyes.  Also, I really could have lived without all the pity for my sad, sad reproductive history which made me choke back tears which pissed me off even more.  It must be really hard on you.  Gee thanks.

Physically, I feel really uncomfortable.  Now that my meetings are done, it's all yoga pants.  Probably will be for at least a week.  My poor stomach is covered in bruises and keeps swelling up.

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