Friday, July 24, 2015

Uncertain 3d After Transfer

It's Friday night, three days after retrieval.  Nobody bothered to call me.  I guess the embryos are still mostly alive, I hope?  I guess I'm not doing a Day 3 transfer?  If I'm doing a Day 5, maybe they'll call then?  Not like this is important or anything.  Well, hope all but two didn't die.  Have a fun weekend!

I'm still really, super sore.  I can't really bend over or fold in any manner.  My belly is still WAY swollen in a particular way that just looks pregnant, and it hurts.  I couldn't even wear two different pairs of yoga pants because they were digging in too much.  Yoga pants!

I got the rejection letter from the insurance company and channeled my rage and pain into a superbitchy letter that I think was pretty effective.  I pulled all my regs and policies and records.  Obviously, I'll look at this when I'm not on hydrocodone and wine, but I think I have a shot.  After all, the plan advertises that it covers infertility!  How can you both cover infertility and also exclude all infertility treatment?  WTF.  Why would have all these checklists about how to qualify for IVF if IVF is never covered?  Ridiculous.  I need more wine.

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