Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Show Must Go On - Lovenox

The show must go on, and today was my suppression check with dildo cam.

1.  Do I get any decent drugs because this is a freeze all?  You can tell I have priorities.  No answer on this one yet.  I know what the result will be, no matter what his answer.

2.  Should we do the transfer in Denver?  No.  They only ship the biopsies, and never ship the embryos.  SO COOL.

3.  What's up with lupus test that is still positive and like three others?  I am now on Lovenox.  Uh.  OK.

So I picked up a ton of Lovenox.  I guess I get to be on this when/if I get pregnant too.  Yay.  Insurance didn't pay.  Maybe I'm under the deductible.  Maybe they don't cover it?  No idea.  It was $143.10 for 30 pre-filled syringes.  It's showing as over $300 on Walmart for 30?  Maybe insurance did pay something?  No idea.

I opened it up and it is made in Milan.  Ooh.  How glamorous.  So I had visions of sitting in the piazza smartly dressed eating some delicious bread, olive oil, pulpo.  And then I saw the shot.  Whoa.  That's a lot of weird gel stuff.  Oh god.  Right when I said I wasn't scared of needles and these shots wouldn't be a big deal.  Then I have to inject a shot glass worth of jello shot into my love handles.

And the blogs agreed.  Lovenox will be painful and bruisy and yuck.  Good news is, all three blogs I found with tips on Lovenox are now mothers!  So that's something.  Just think of Milan, right?

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