Cost: IVF Cycle #2

IVF cycle #2 started May 2015.

Birth control pills, two packs:  $0 copay/$33.45 insurance  Birth control is free in 'Merica.  Thanks Obama!
Lovenox (blood thinner):  $143.10/30d supply
Freedom Fertility Pharmacy:
Dexamethasone $1.36
Valium $3.99
Gonal F $636
Zithromax $36.73
Menopur $799
HCG for trigger $99.90
Crinone gel $214

Hysteroscopy:  $135.70 (billed at $600!)
Ultrasound with hysteroscopy: $116.63
Office Visit with hysteroscopy:  $20.03
Office consult for blood draws:  $20.03

CCS testing $1250 + $300 + $2750
lab fee: $1300
Cryo: $1000

I'm currently in insurance hell, so everything is out of pocket until (if?) insurance pays.

I started this cycle with a big head start.  I already have a pile of meds from the old insurance, including quite a bit of Gonal F and Menopur, the most expensive one.  I still have half a pack of Wondfos and a giant bottle of baby aspirin and melatonin.  My new IVF protocol was determined during my WTF appointment from cycle #1, and we are off and running.

My plan covers 100% of my IVF after my deductible ($1,500 individual/$3,000 family).  My family out of pocket max is $5,000, so until I hit that I pay for everything, but I don't really understand the difference between the deductible and the out of pocket.  *shrug*  I qualified for IVF coverage because of my ruptured ectopic.  This is a Obamacare plan because I am self-employed in a state with no kind of infertility coverage or laws.  It's not even the most expensive one, about $1,200/month for the two of us.

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