Cost: IVF Cycle

Birth Control pills to start IVF:  insurance paid $10.10, I paid $0.  Thanks Obama!  So glad my birth control pills are covered!  Two packs BCP to settle down all those follicles.  Second pack still free even though filled 19 days later. 20.20/0
Valium for hysteroscopy, valium for transfer: $1.15 each, 2.30 out of pocket, below copay.
Rx prenatals:  50 ins/month, 30 copay (brand) (x 3)  150/90
Melatonin (can't take sleeping meds): 5.09 giant bottle
Men's Multivitamin:  11.98
Vitamins adapted from CCRM protocol (L-Arginine, pycnogenol, DHEA, fish oil): 104.43
CoQ10: 21.17
Baby Aspirin, giant bottle: 2.14
Menopur 1161.54/20
Gonal F 2742.99/20
Lupron 86.01/5
HCG trigger 224.82/5
Dexamethasone  0/4.49
Vivelle 139.77/35
Methylprednisone 5.74/5
Crinone gel 325.78/20
Zithromax 31.97/5
Second round Crinone gel 325.78/20
Second round Vivelle 139.77/35
Ins $5,354.37, out of pocket $411.60

HSG, done for the IUI, but would have had to be done for IVF.  (The hospital billed the insurance $2319!)  579/15
Hysteroscopy: billed 785, ins paid 261/15.
Baseline scan + consult:  107/15
Anesthesiologist, retrieval.  547.10/15  (billed $1,000!!)
IVF "case rate" includes retrieval, standard embryology, post-IVF scans/bloodwork, and WTF appointment: 6985/15
Ins $8479.1/75

Various bloodwork done during IUI that carries over (cystic fibrosis AMH, blood type, etc):  about 300/45
IVF Bloodwork for him, infectious diseases (HIV, hepatitis etc): They billed insurance $360.  40/15.
IVF Bloodwork for her, 12 vials, HIV, various genetic stuff, Day 2 levels: One set billed $657, ins paid $72(!).  One set billed $847, ins paid $171.  243/30
Spermanalysis to determine ICSI coverage (no wash, just motility and count and such): $31.90, copay $15.  The lab billed $175?!  We needed two of these, one is from pre-IUI, but would have had to be done for IVF.  Total 63.80/30.
after wonky beta, 50 pack Wondfo HCG tests $13.99
Lab Work, ICSI, 1335/15
Cryo $1000 out of pocket

Initial Office Visit IVF: billed $200, 154/15.

TOTAL:  Ins $15,969.27, out of pocket $1,650.59

We've been at IUIs and other stuff for a long time.  You can see my most expensive IUI here.

CD1 in September 2014.  These are the costs of IVF with some of the best insurance in the whole US in a mandatory coverage state with no cap for IVF.  I qualify automatically under the mandatory coverage state rules because of my ruptured ectopic.  We pay $2,200/month for COBRA on this insurance at it runs out at the end of 2014.  :(  This is an Aetna plan, so my understanding is that you would still pay the Aetna rate even if it isn't covered.  If that's true, Go Aetna!!!