Wednesday, October 1, 2014

All Good News

Hysteroscopy, blood work, samples, genetics, dildo cam, it's all done now.  And it came out even better than before.  We are all clear to go now.  I have dosages, a protocol, a calendar, dates, wow.  There were SO many forms.

The doctor said I had over 20 tiny follicles on each side, which makes me PCOS-like, but without the PCOS hormonal issues.  The best of both worlds, if you will.  Because of this, I have to be on birth control for three more weeks!  That's a long time!

He said I shouldn't drink a ton when on birth control, but some is no big deal.  I will take that as a license to drink.  Especially if I'm going to hanging out with the stupid pill for so much longer.  I'm going to need a new pack!  And some champagne!  I feel like this is something to celebrate!

This whole process, really everything since my ectopic, I have just been waiting for things to screw up and go wrong.  I've just been waiting for the other shoe to drop.  This time, it hasn't, and all the things that needed to be right are and it is all finally looking up.  This time, I'm going to be happy.  Everything I could control I did, and everything I couldn't control came out perfect for me today in this time and place.  I am so full of hope today!


  1. I'm so glad things are looking up for you!! Go celebrate, you so deserve a bit of a break and some happiness.xx