Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Big Steps!

Shit just got real.  Monday was the start of my shots.  Couple weeks of Lupron, then to stims.

My sperm donor even left a business dinner/meeting to give me my shot, even though I told him he didn't need to.  I thought it was sweet of him to come support me like that, even though it was just an insulin needle.  Still, feels like a big step.

I'm working out like a fiend because soon I won't be able to.  This morning I went to boot camp, and this afternoon I'm going to Zumba.  Yesterday I went to yoga and boot camp.  I've done everything in the last couple weeks I won't be able do anymore: drinking, kickboxing, ice skating, golfing.  I even got a spray tan for the first time, just because I could, which was ridiculous and stupid and I looked like a housewife of New Jersey.

My supplements are now forbidden.  Now, it's just a prenatal and the meds on the med calendar.  The hardest part to me has been no allergy medicine.  No Claritin, no Benadryl, and I've been suffering.  But I can deal, and, in the broader scheme of this awful process, I can deal with a constantly runny nose from whatever the trees are doing around here.  Big steps...  I can feel the success coming!

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