Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shots Coming Soon

Great news on Friday.  The insurance company approved the IVF and the ICSI.  Wow.  I have no idea why they picked up the ICSI, but I know they picked up the IVF because I had disfiguring tube removal and have been jumping through awful terrible hoops for a year.  Yay for mandatory IVF coverage state!  So.  It's finally here.

I called the Aetna injectibles pharmacy.  After a few minutes on hold, the lady was really nice, and I'll have everything in my little hands on Wednesday.  Wow.  It was so convenient even.  Wow.  I am so impressed with this insurance.

I was expecting a fight.  I don't know, I just keep waiting for something to go wrong, like something has at every single step of this process since 2012.  But now it's all been done and processed.  I just follow the sheet, show up at the right times, and none of it is in my control.  There's something kind of peaceful about that.  I have no control at this point.  Other people/the universe are now in charge.  So maybe I can relax while stabbing myself with needles.  Approved by insurance!  Coming on Wednesday!

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  1. I have Aetna too and they really have been fantastic with their coverage. I'm so grateful!