Monday, October 6, 2014

Telling More People About IVF

I am so grateful and full of love today.  I can feel the love the universe is sending me.  Now that I'm officially on the IVF bandwagon, I've been somewhat careful about who I have told.  I have a particular friend who has a vague objection to IVF, so I just avoided the subject altogether.  But I've been blown away by the support of my in-laws, my sister, most of my friends, even my mom who has managed to keep it together and shut her giant, gossipy mouth.

I went to college in another state, grad school in another, and I worked in another for a while.  That means a lot of my friends are scattered, and this isn't exactly the kind of shit you post on Facebook.  I talk to them on the phone from time to time, but it isn't like it might be if we lived in the same place.  A lot of them have no idea about the ectopic, I was beyond shaken when that happened and never told anyone I could avoid telling really.  So a lot of them have no idea we've been on this path for years now.

Today, I talked to an old friend I talk to every few months.  We've always tried to be supportive with each other, but we certainly aren't besties or anything.  I decided to tell her about the IVF.  I'm not sure why, it was a risk because I didn't know what her response would be.  She is pretty religious in a conservative Jewish faith, and she has a lot going on in her own life.  I guess I told her because IVF is the most interesting thing happening in my life right now.  It's why I'm not traveling.  It's why my work is suffering.  It's what all of my emotional, financial, and temporal energy are going toward.  So I told her in a hopeful, upbeat way.

I was amazed at the outpouring of love.  Of an anecdote of someone who got twins.  Of just sheer joy and positive energy and love.  It was really amazing.  When a shitty response leaves you in fear, it's amazing the love the universe can give you if you give it a chance.  I am blown away.

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  1. So glad you've found such sources of positivity and support IRL!! Soak it all in and use it to build up good vibes for your upcoming IVF cycle. It's all good stuff.xx