Wednesday, July 8, 2015

FML Insurance

I figured out why my meds weren't covered.  Nothing was covered.  Today, yes today, the insurance company made a final rejection of my IVF claim.

Turns out my policy both covers and excludes IVF.  AWESOME.  Seriously. FML.  Why have a billion hoops and shit if IVF is never covered?  And it says IVF is covered on!!!  I guess I just got a new hobby, the insurance company.  Now, I get to learn all about insurance appeals.  And I'm pissed now, so I pity anyone who is my new hobby.

It took about an hour to even figure out it was rejected.  I called back SEVEN TIMES until I got a good CS rep, Deandre.  Deandre is my man.  He actually figured out what was going on, understood what I was saying, and told me how to appeal it.  So, thanks Deandre.  You helped my day.

Don't get it twisted, it still sucked.

My sperm donor busted in my office to tell me something.  I was on hold, tears down my face.  I had my hair pulled up, mascara running.  I put Deandre on mute.  I told my sperm donor to leave me alone I could hardly speak.  Meanwhile, my sperm donor was on some big call, got an awesome new client.  Best news he's had in a couple years.

I told him my terrible news, and he didn't skip a beat.  It's just money.  Now, let's talk about my new client!  It's just money.


  1. I'm so sorry your insurance did that! I hate insurance companies :( they only ever seem to help fair-weather clients.

  2. I love you SD, I really do.

    He's right, it's only money. Money that is found, lost, earned, not earned...
    And you really can't take it with you.

    Go get your baby.