Thursday, October 30, 2014


I was going to write a post here about about my meds so far (Lupron, Dexamethasone, and a prenatal, and nothing else) actually made me feel pretty damn good.  I don't have any hot flashes, headaches, all the other stuff people didn't like about these drugs.

I've been working out two hours every day, boot camp in the morning and something like yoga or dance in the evening, got a massage, have been eating better than I have in my entire life.  For god sake, I had poached eggs, avacado, smoked salmon and one piece of whole gran toast for breakfast.  No drinking.  No allergy medicine.  I felt great!

And then I got home from a client meeting this afternoon at 2PM and just thought I'd lie down for a minute.  I fell asleep for two hours!  I got plenty of sleep. I haven't napped in years, especially not passed out on the couch in my bra and hose with a phone ringing.  I missed like two important calls.  :/  Whoa.  So, I'm tired.  But other than that, I feel pretty great.

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  1. Afternoon naps are officially THE BEST thing ever. That feeling when you wake, not quite knowing where you are, but realising you've had the sweetest, deepest sleep... delicious!