Friday, October 3, 2014

Scalp Massage

One of the things I love about the new RE is that it is in a more multi-purpose area, as opposed to the cluster of hospitals of the other one.  This means parking is free (yay!) and it means there are a ton of shops, restaurants, all kinds of stuff if I wanted to do something before/after my many many many scans/blood draws/appointments I will have at this place.

There's a salon near the RE that does blow outs for $40.  For another $10 you can get a braid or you can get a scalp massage.  HEAVEN.  Getting my hair blown out is one of my favorite things.  Doing it on a Wednesday after a dildo cam seems absurd, but no more absurd than this whole ridiculous process.  And I'm supposed to keep my stress down right?  And I hate acupuncture.  So, massages and scalp massage.  Mmmmm.
 Probably cheaper than stupid acupuncture anyway.

And then I had an even better idea.  Both my mom and my MIL want to come to one of my many fun meetings with a dildo cam.  Wouldn't it be fun to go get our hair done after?  Wouldn't that be relaxing and fun and bonding?  We could do our hair, go to lunch, and try to pretend like this is just a fun female outing.  Try to pretend this is normal.


  1. Oh I love that! I so want to swap clinics with you, because that sounds like the best things ever - why not offset the awfulness of having to be dildo-cam'd by having your hair done? Absolute genius and should be compulsory to all clinics!!!x

  2. I've always said I'd pay good money for someone to just play with my hair. It's like Heaven for me. :-)

    1. Yes, can't wait to pay someone to do this. :)

  3. Your place sounds amazing. Mine is in a grubby part of the city with nothing to do nearby! Yes def make it a girls outing there has to be some normality in with all this craziness! Hoping the next 2 and a bit weeks fly by for you!