Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cost: Gonal F IUI Cycle

SCARY NUMBER POST.  I can't even say how grateful I am for my insurance.  It's COBRA, and I have gladly forked over $2,200/month for two of us in an IVF-coverage mandated state.  After my ectopic and subsequent disfiguring surgery, I lost a tube.  Thus, my insurance covers IVF after 6 "assisted" cycles, plus 4 IUIs, with a lifetime limit of $20,000.  Hooray!  I know, I am so lucky and so grateful.

But I'm scared when I lose this insurance in December.  And I'm scared that when I come back I'll have to pay this out of pocket.  So, let's look at this fun IUI cycle of expensive drugs and scans:

Each scan (there were three) was billed at $195.  Insurance paid $51.97 and I paid $15.  So, that's about $200 for three scans, way cheaper than I thought.

Blood work (twice) was billed at $180, insurance paid $75, I paid nothing.  That's $150.  Not so bad...

Office visit (one) was $208.23.  Insurance paid $84.59, I paid $15.  About $100.

For the IUI, washing sperm was billed at $190, insurance paid $110.20.

The IUI was billed at $190, and insurance paid $100 (WHOA!).  There was also a $30 Saturday fee I had to pay, plus $15, so $145.

The injectable Gonal F (I got one 300 pen and one 450) plus Ovidrel was $20, $20, $35 from me, insurance paid $808.89, $532.6, and $80.05.  That's $1496 total.  Holy crap.

The Femara would be about $100 without insurance, and the Endometrin would be about $6/day without insurance, so let's say $84.

That's $555 for the office visit scans, IUI and blood work, which sounds low?  The drugs would be $1680.   That's $2,235.20 for this one IUI cycle.

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