Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Here We Go

Hi there, period.  My period was two days late.  It's the first time it's been off-schedule in a year, and I didn't let myself get too excited, but I took the tests anyway.  I took five Wonfos a day.  Science, I told myself.  I was glad to be two days late, even though I already knew what was happening.  My body was already telling me.

I have to do another assisted ovulation cycle, so this one is taking it easy.  2 Femaras, CD 3-7.  Hell, at this point, that's practically going on break.  Maybe I'll do the gross progesterone this time, maybe I won't.  I told the doctor no more IUI, no more shots, except the trigger I guess.  I still think this is all a waste of time.  Why fight my wonky tubes, when you can just go around them.

So, it's on to IVF.  Oh, and I guess I need to throw out all these pregnancy tests.

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  1. Fortunately, I only had to do 3 IUI's (in conjunction with assisted ovulation) before moving on to IVF because I'm 39. I tried 5 IUI's anyway because I was being an insane optimist.