Saturday, August 16, 2014


This is my first cycle on progesterone.  Vaginal suppositories.  Like pills with a tampon applicator.  I know, gross.  But I'll take it over more shots.  Bad part is, what goes in, must come out, and this is a gross leaky mess.  But I can live with that as well for a couple weeks.  Infertility already killed my sex life.

The very best part is this is the first fertility drug that hasn't made me CRAZY.  Like my hellish nightmares and panic on Clomid, or crying practically all the time on all these drugs.  Add in some work drama, and my dad having cancer, and life, and these drugs have not been ideal in timing.

When I Googled progesterone, some people said it was a natural anti-anxiety drug, or a natural anti-depressent.  Huh.  Isn't that neat?  So just when stress is at its worst, I think these drugs finally helped me feel better, and I'm very pleased with that.  I do feel calmer.  That "one with the universe" feeling I had when I was so briefly pregnant.  Of course, I'll never have that innocent happiness with pregnancy again, but I'll take this mother earth feeling for a couple weeks.  It's not bad.

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