Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This is the first time I've really felt disappointed by my RE's office.  Today is day one (yay!) so I am supposed to call the nurse line, which is actually an answering machine, to schedule a scan.  I left a message (last first DOB Dr) to schedule to scan and I also asked them to call in the Ovidrel to my insurance company's specialty pharmacy because the insurance company cut me off locally.

I didn't hear shit back.  I called at 10AM, and nobody bothered to call me back.  I had my phone on me ALL DAY waiting for that call.  If I did that to my clients I would be FIRED.  I would be so fired my RE's head would spin because I couldn't afford all of this shit.  You know, because I actually have to meet my clients needs and they actually give a shit when no one calls them back.  The thing I asked for takes 15 minutes.  Hell, if somebody answered the phone, it wouldn't have taken longer than the fucking message.

I'm so disappointed.  I'm starting to think maybe this is the wrong choice for IVF.  I mean, this stupid Ovidrel can wait a week or two, and clearly no one gives a shit about my schedule, but what if my question can't wait until the next day?  There is no one on call here?  For the first time I am really doubting my choices.

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  1. Ugh, not a good way to start off.
    I hope the rest of the cycle is better than this.
    Good luck!