Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More Nightmares

And I thought I couldn't get any less sexy.  From the sexy timed sex in the afternoon before he goes on a plane for a big business meeting, to the sexy waxy progesterone discharge, to looking like I'm three months pregnant for the entire last year.  It's just been awesome.

I had more nightmares last night.  Not as bad as last night when I hid from aliens, but still nightmares.  Scary ones about some real stuff involving work, and some involving a flood.  I think one involved a farm of some kind.  I got up to pee four times, but I guess I missed one because I fucking wet the bed.  Nice.  Nothing sexier than stripping sheets while drenched in sweat thinking aliens are coming.  Me and progesterone are NOT cool now.  It was not like this when I was pregnant for like five minutes forever ago.

I haven't wet the bed (sober) in adult memory.  Right when I thought this couldn't get worse.  Also I cheated and tested a little early.  It's 10DPO, and a big fat negative.  Awesome.

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