Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mothers and Mothers-In-Law

After going through the ringer for the last year or so, the person who has really stood out is my MIL.  She's the only one, actually.

My mom is too intense.  She has too much vested in this, she wants to talk about all the measurements and the rates and the numbers.  She needs this to work more than I do.  She wants to say how brave I am and all that.  And then she tells everyone in the whole fucking family.

We share an accountant, who had an IVF miracle baby way after 40 a couple years ago.  She told MY ACCOUNTANT that I am doing IVF, which (1) is none of her fucking business and (2) isn't even true yet!!!  It's just too much.  After that nonsense with the accountant, I told my mom that I wouldn't be telling her anymore specifics, and that I expected her to share her own constant health battles with other people, not mine.  Now that my dad has cancer, she is probably set.

But my MIL has been a rock.  After this last IUI, she just texted me "How are you feeling?"  And she meant it.  She cares, I can talk to her.  If she didn't have such a busy schedule or lived closer, I might take her to one of the appointments.  She gets it.  This weekend, during the 2WW, we drove way, way out to stay with them a weekend.  Because she gets it.

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