Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bootcamp and IVF Do Not Mix

Don't try this one at home.  BOOT CAMP ON DAY 3 OF STIMS WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA.  I woke up with every muscle we worked out stiff, sore and achey.  It was like when I went to boot camp after being sedentary  for a few years and was so painful and sore all over.  But it was even worse because it also had a touch of flu ache that semed to almost radiate.  It was awful.  And I had to work early and deal with a bunch of clients.  UGH.  I could feel every muscle from every crunch or push up.  It was only my upper body though, so I guess my squats and lunges weren't so bad.

So I took the only non-fertility/prenatal drug that I have touched since I started Lupron.  One non-extra strength Tylenol.  I could still feel every oblique.  Every shoulder muscle.  Some weird muscles in my neck.  I think there's even a muscle at the base of my skull.  I've been going to boot camp for months, and I didn't think those exercises were doing anything.  Clearly they were.  Ouch.

My massage guy was booked, and I felt AWFUL.  I was only getting more tense and achey, and it was completely freaking me out.  So I did the only thing I could think of.  After I dealt with my clients, I went to get a pedicure and sat in the massage chair at the nail place.  It has never felt better, andI usually find it annoying.  In 30 minutes I went from feeling like I had a half flu to feeling almost human.  I almost fell asleep in the freaking chair.  So no more boot camp.  I'm just going to take it easy now.  And also, something is clearly going on with my circulation, so maybe I need more massages and stuff.  Eight days to retrival!

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  1. Oh how awful, forced to have massages! I think key is not stopping blood supply that could be supplying your ovaries by over-exercising and forcing that blood to service your muscles instead. So massage away, honey!