Sunday, November 16, 2014

Stay Calm and Avoid OHSS

Triggered last night, Stim Day 8, surgery is now less than 24 hours away.  I changed my mind on my ignorance policy and asked for vague stats.  I have over 15 follicles on my right, and over 10 on my left.  Holy crap, that explains why I'm off balance and it hurts to wear clothes, walk, sit down, lie down, or stand.  Maybe if I could float in zero gravity it wouldn't hurt, but I doubt it.

My estrogen level is almost 6,000.  A quick check on Dr. Google, MD revealed that I should immediately panic because such a high estrogen level means I will get OHSS.  Nothing has been easy in this whole process, so that would seem about right for my lack of luck.

But my estrogen was 2,500 before the trigger, so now I don't know how accurate Google MD is.  The nurse said everything looked absolutely perfect, so why am I panicking now?  I even listened to her voicemail again.  Everything looks perfect.  I could really use a drink.  Or some Oxy tomorrow, but my doctor only lets you have Tylenol BOO.  Maybe I can get some better meds after my surgery.

I really shouldn't have googled everyone's nightmare results from painful retrivals and OHSS.  I couldn't sleep and I kept reading them for hours and hours.  That isn't going to happen to me right?  I just need everything to go as planned for once.  I need to be one of those women who wake up the next day feeling relieved and refreshed, pop a Tylenol, and everything is just fine.  And then I'll have a glass of nice wine in no pain in the beautiful winter weather.  Maybe even wearing pants with buttons.  Yes, that will be me.  And twins by Christmas.


  1. "Everything looks perfect", just hold on to that. Good luck for the retrieval!!! I really hope and pray it goes well and you'll get a bunch of beautiful eggs.xx

  2. Need an update! Hope your retrieval went well! Any news on fertilisation? Thinking of you and holding your hand through all this. Fingers (actually everything) crossed for you xx

    1. Done and done. In this case, no news was good news!