Thursday, November 13, 2014

Massage on Stim Day 6

My reiki guy canceled yesterday, which is for the best because I was feeling so blah and bloated and in my cozy fleece, not really wanting to brave the cold for some energy waves.  I did carry around my rose quartz in my purse though.

This morning, I had my regular massage guy, who it turns out is also into reiki, so I guess I got a two-fer, ha.  Still not really sure what reiki is.  I normally get pretty athletic massages with all the working out, but this one was hot stones, and it was HEAVEN.  I was so bloatey and achey and just blah, and I walked out feeling so much better.

A relaxation hot stone massage with the table heater and all that was soooo nice, exactly what I needed.  I booked one for Monday too, Day 10 of stims.

My estrogen was up to 1200 on Stim Day 5, which I guess is high because they knocked back my Gonal to 75, and no Menopur at all.  Now I am TOTALLY FREAKING out that I am going to hyper-stimulate and it will all be cancelled or I'll end up in the hospital or something.  It sure feels like a lot is happening down there.  The swelling actually feels like before my ectopic ruptured.  At the time, I thought it was a nice full feeling, now it's sheer panic.

I guess I will know more at my scan tomorrow.  I'm still believing in my twins by Christmas!


  1. Ok, no panicking. At least not until tomorrow. Very soon you will know more about what is happening and how things are going. Then you can panic (unlikely) or relax and feel good about everything (more likely). Obviously I'm expecting to read that it is the second. Good luck for tomorrow, I can't wait to hear about it. Big hugs!

    1. I went ignorance method to avoid panicking. Panic is not helpful for sure.

  2. Hope all will turn out to be well.xx