Sunday, November 9, 2014

Junkie in the Bathroom

On Friday, I shot myself up with Lupron in a restaraunt bathroom about halfway through a nine-course wine pairing dinner.  I got to have exactly one glass of wine, and it was over so soon.  Oh, I hardly knew you, delicious minerally white burgundy chablis.

I thought this would be quick, but I was not smart enough to balance my purse and the alcohol and the syringe and I dropped it all at one point.  Luckily, I was alone and I just laughed.  Good thing I brought another needle.  This was ridiculous.  I moved to the wheelchair stall, which didn't help.  I still didn't have enough hands or enough surfaces or hooks or something.  Eventually I figured it out.  I hope I didn't contaminate myself in a beautiful bathroom that looked clean enough.

I did it quickly, I didn't overthink it.  And then I was back at a nine course wine pairing with no wine, which was a big deal.  I bet the other couple thinks I'm pregnant, but they didn't ask and we didn't volunteer.  Just an awkward silence.  I wish I could be truthful and live in my truth or whatever, but I can't be any more exposed right now.  So instead, I'm just a Lupron junkie in the bathroom.


  1. Well done!! Lupron junkies all over the world salute you.xx

    1. Yea, shooting up Gonal F this morning in a toilet stall was much easier. Lupron has too many steps LOL.