Monday, November 10, 2014

Whoa Nelly, Stims Too Fast!

I was cleared to exercise until tomorrow, Day 4 of stims.  So today, Day 3, I went to boot camp and then to Zumba at lunch.  It didn't feel right.  I was dizzy, I was uncoordinated, I feel bloaty and awful, and my body was telling me to STOP.  So I did.  I felt like an idiot walking out 10 minutes into a Zumba class, but whatever, just pretended like I had an important call.  Now exercise is over.

My E2, Stim Day 3, was at 405, which is good, I guess.  They lowered my Menopur dose.

I booked two massages, one this week, one the day after retrival, and I booked a special private yoga session with a new age-y reiki yoga kind of teacher two days after the retrival.  We're going to focus on fertility and healing and no inflammation or something.

I also booked a reiki energy session Wednesday based on the rec of the yoga instructor.  I have to bring a crystal.  So I ordered a rose quartz crystal.  I'm not even sure what all of this means, but I have plenty of time on my hands if I'm not going to the gym and it can't hurt.  And I would love to focus on something I feel like I can control or at least have a stupid distraction that isn't googling terrible medical things.  So reiki it is.  I would do pretty much anything if it would help, including carrying around a rose quartz crystal.


  1. I have a rose quartz crystal about the size of my fist, I keep it on my bedside table. Occasionally I hold it, and it seems to fit perfectly into my hand. Can't say it has changed my life, but if I ever sleep with it under my pillow I have REALLY crazy dreams! Enjoy your treatments, if you can't spoil yourself when you're IVeffing when can you?

    1. I also got a moonstone. I guess I will channel my anxiety into them!