Monday, June 29, 2015

Laughed Out of the Room

OK, maybe this was ridiculous, but I was FREAKING OUT that I might have lupus.  So I didn't even ask my RE and took my health into my own hands.  I don't ask for permission for anything anymore.  I booked an appointment with a rheumatologist.  I got in five days later (that's today).  After a 20 min drive, and I was meeting with a world expert in lupus on a high floor in a beautiful building with free coffee.  God Bless America.

The whole transaction took maybe 15 minutes.  I printed out my test results.  I told her my RE said I tested positive for lupus after several miscarriages.  My mom has fibromyalgia and also tested positive for lupus, but no one has ever had lupus.  (I left out the rest of my complicated reproductive history.)  She seemed unimpressed, but asked me about 50 questions about pain, headaches, tiredness, my skin on a touchscreen ipad.  No.  No.  No.  No.  Then she actually laughed in my face.  It was the best medical reaction I have had in a long time.  She laughed in my face!!!  Yay!!!!

I don't have lupus.  I don't even have arthritis.  I don't have any meaningful inflammatory conditions.  The doctor said she was really sorry about the miscarriages but this wasn't why.  And if my dumbass OB was really worried about inflammation, I should get an allergy test.  OBs don't know how to read the tests they order.   Ouch.  Hadn't thought of an allergy test.

The doctor seemed pretty pissed I was wasting her time.  YAY!!  She said the test meant nothing, I am fine.  I think I apologized or something, but I was smiling.

I've never been so glad someone laughed in my face.  I said bye and that I hoped that I would never see her again.  $4 parking, and $128 later (still below my deductible), a world expert told me I am fine.  I do not have lupus.


  1. Yay! Great news!

  2. That's such excellent news!!! Well done for taking charge and getting a second opinion.xx

  3. And, that's one thing to cross off the list of what might be causing the RPL.

    So pleased to read it's not Lupus!