Thursday, June 4, 2015

Insurance Good News

There is so much to digest from my two hour doctor's office extravaganza, it is going to take a couple days to sink in, and then couple posts.

I'll start with the good news.  News so good it had me crying on the phone with my mom in the car.  Good news!  The insurance picked up 100% of the cost, no copays even, once I pass my deductible ($1,500 individual/$3,000 family).  WOW.

The kicker is that this is an Obamacare plan from  That's right. I'm self-employed, live in a state with no coverage at all for infertility, and this is literally an Obamacare plan.  Not even the most expensive one, it's about $1,200 for the two of us per month.  Wow.

That is even better than my coverage in a mandatory coverage state for a plan that I kept on COBRA for over $2K/month.  All I had to do was have a tube surgically removed to qualify.  Lucky me.  Oh, and the baby in the tube too.

We have to pay $1,500 for cryo, like last time.  There's a new option to pay $3,500 to have the embryos genetically tested at CCRM, also not covered.  Those are the only out of pocket costs.  Wow.  I made a new post for the costs of IVF Cycle #2, this time with my new insurance.


  1. that is really good news! I am hoping it's a good sign for this cycle <3

  2. That's such amazing news!!! Am so chuffed for you.xx