Friday, January 23, 2015


Lawd, it has been so long since I got some good news, I don't even know what to do with it.  Last year, when my $2,000/month COBRA in a mandatory coverage state ran out, I bought an Obamacare plan off  I live in a state where nothing is covered, nothing will be covered, and you're on your own bub, with your IVF or whatever you call it.  Expectations were low.

My plan said it covered infertility after deductible.  I bought it, but I didn't believe it.  But I gave it to the girls at the clinic.  They said that each plan has a different requirement to cover infertility.  Well, between a ruptured ectopic, over two years trying, and a failed IVF, I meet the criteria!!!  Actually, just the ruptured ectopic, the rest of this might not have even worked.  So, it looks like my IVF will be covered after my $3,200 deductible!

I'm holding my breath for something to screw up.  Now the clinic has submitted all the forms for a fresh cycle, so we will see what is covered.  I am leaning toward another fresh as long as it's covered.  Pre-approval here we come!  Wow.  I don't know if this is Obamacare or what, but I am just blown away.  I can't believe this just might work.

UPDATE:  played some phone tag, had some scary phone calls.  I was scared for a bit, but it looks like I am 100% covered after deductible because I meet the requirements which were: over 5 years infertility, something about exposure to some chemical, or surgical rube removal.  Bingo.  So, now prior authorization forms.  I guess this is where things can still go wrong.


  1. Yay Obamacare!!! So glad to hear you've received such good news and am really praying that things will go smoothly from here on end!x