Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Infertility Makes You a Better Mom

There's this idea circulating that somehow IVF or having to work this hard for your kids makes you a better mom.  I'm not sure I get it.

I was watching an episode of David Tutera's new party planning show, and he was doing some ridiculous, expensive birthday party for a set of IVF twins for a celebrity I had never heard of.  Clearly, the more money you spend on a party, the better mom you are.  The disturbing part to me was when this celebrity had a little sit down with David Tutera to explain how hard it was, it failed, miracle babies, blah blah.  David totally got it and was then inspired to do an awesome party.

This is coming from someone whose claims his daughter has never even met her twin.

WTF.  Because her twins are born through IVF, she should throw them expensive birthday parties?  She loves them more?  They are worth more?  They are better than accidental Teen Mom twins?  She's a better mom?  People should respect her or be impressed or something?

My mom had cancer.  Does that make me love her more?  Does that mean she deserves expensive parties?  Does that make her a better mom?

I seriously hope that when (if) this is all over, I can never look back.  Never talk about it.  Never think about it.  I hope I can be as close to normal as possible, as if I had a boring accident baby.

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