Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Something Snapped

This last WTF appointment contained a caveat about genetics.  The doctor thinks we should get the embryos tested at CCRM.  At the time, that seemed like a big blow, so I just left and went to the beach.  Rented a house, went to some friends, drank myself silly.  Just left for two weeks, and worked on the beach. Took my birth control pills.  Last call, right?

And then while I was gone, it got worse.  I guess I tested positive for lupus antibodies?   Lupus.

My initial Googlings about lupus FREAKED.ME.OUT.  Miscarriages second trimester.  Miscarriages.  High risk pregnancy.

And then I kept reading.  No way to diagnose.  So complex.  So many drugs.  I give up.  I quit reading about lupus.  I quit reading about genetic testing.  I'm totally overwhelmed.  Maybe it's my lupus.

So now I have another doctor appointment.  Maybe a lot more doctors.  Welcome to the RPL club.

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