Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Whole World Is A Pregnancy Support Line

(an irrelevant flyer)
The insurance company sent me a flyer.  I get a lot of mail from the insurance company with my diligence at that $5,000 deductible.  But this was a flyer for the insurance company's pregnancy support line.

First WTF.  Isn't that private?  This was like a folded postcard with a sticker anyone could have poked in.  It had my name all over it!  Isn't that a HIPPA problem or something??  And what if someone opened that I didn't want to?

Second WTF.  What if I'm NOT EVEN PREGNANT ANYMORE?  Maybe I filled a Rx for cyctotec and billed $915 to my deductible for my baby/medical waste FOUR WEEKS AGO. Shit, even that doesn't get you off this mailing list?  And wouldn't I have needed this pregnancy hotline like five weeks ago anyway?

I just sent in preapproval forms for IVF.  Again.  And you sent me a flyer with a happy pregnant lady?  Right at the exact time miscarriages are likely?

Well, my insurance company has a phone bank of OB nurses.  Even if you're deaf or don't speak English, which would make this flyer tough if there weren't a smug pregnant woman on it.  If I were pregnant, that might be helpful.  Then I might appreciate this flyer.  But screw you insurance company and screw you pregnancy support line.  The whole Internet is a pregnancy support line.  Hell, the whole world is a pregnancy support line.  It's the black shroud of infertility that we're supposed to keep to ourselves and not burden anyone or make anyone uncomfortable.  Where's that support line?


  1. ugh! rude insurance company. I'm sure it was probably something they set up forever ago and never stopped but it doesn't make it any funner to swallow. It certainly doesn't make you feel very good to see anyone pregnant. I couldn't even watch shows with pregnant animals. the hatred of all things pregnant runs deep.

    tear the flyer up into little tiny pieces and maybe set it on fire? I don't know if it will help but burning things is always fun

    now I sound psychopathic. I promise I'm not. Stay strong. It sounds ridiculous but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your next IVF. (I'm not the praying type but if I were, you'd be in there. Hope is all I've got.)

    1. LOL. I actually thought about putting it in the shredder. But then I realized I might actually need it. So I put it in the giant stack of 2015 medical bills. So, that's hope right?