Friday, March 20, 2015

Cytotec Done and Dusted

My followup with the doctor after my fun afternoon with Cytotec went well.  Well, as well as something could go after you spent a day with Cytotec.  At least I didn't need emergency surgery, and at least it was over in a day.  I'm working on a longer TMI post about Cytotec.  Maybe.

I was really impressed at both how professional and how compassionate this doctor was.  It was pretty amazing in such a shitty situation.  I guess I've never had a situation where I had a bunch of shitty choices explained so well to me, and felt so well taken care of.  I didn't exactly have many choices when my tube ruptured.  Especially with so little information out there about Cytotec, I really relied on her. 

Unlike my crappy followup from failed IVF, this really felt like I was being monitored and taken care of.  It was nice.  I guess unlike failed IVF, there was actually something that could be done and choices had to be made to handle this crappy situation.  I was so impressed by this doctor.  She really was all I could have asked for, and way, way more.  I expected business-like, hopefully knowing her shit.  She was way more than that, and I drew from her energy and from trusting her.  It was pretty amazing.

The genetic testing was $915(!!!), which I paid because I'm still below my deductible.  The doctor said it could actually be useful and that I should do it.  I have no fucks to give.

My sperm donor has completely shut down.  I think this reached his pain limit.  He wanted to make sure I was OK, and beyond that he refused to talk about anything.  He didn't want to hear about bills or medical protocols or anything.  He will not even talk about IVF or about anything until he is ready.  I guess 0/4 hit him finally.  Maybe seeing the one with the heartbeat finally made it real-ish to him?  I'll give him some space, not that it's my call.  The doctor said it's a mandatory two month wait to do IVF anyway, so there's time.  And he has to grieve in his own way.  No one can do it for you.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear you got a good doctor to support you through this horrible experience. I'm just so sorry you're having to go through this. Much love to you and your sperm donor.xx