Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Call Me Maybe, Doc

After calling on Tuesday at 10AM, I never heard back from my doctor's office nurse line, which is just an answering machine.  I needed to schedule a scan, and I needed them to do the new paperwork for this cycle, you know, so I could actually get my meds.  Nobody called back, but Femara is covered anyway, so no big deal.  I can get my Ovidrel later.

I called back twice on Thursday at 1 and 3, and the line was failing or busy or something weird.  So, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they had phone issues.  Yes, maybe the phones are a disaster.

I called again on Friday morning.  I said in my message that no one had called me back since Tuesday and that I could email or something if that were easier because I just needed a freaking day 13 can.  I got a call back an hour later.  No explanation about the phone.  Everything is completely normal, I guess.  Apparently, I am supposed to have a baseline scan at day 3, which is fun and wasn't on my paperwork from the actual doctor.  Oh, and it's now day 4 and 3PM, and you never called back, so fuck you.

I get that actual emergencies happen, and I get that phone issues happen, and I get that a Day 13 scan is not the most urgent thing.  But the complete lack of communication is freaking me the fuck out.  I'm actually thinking about getting a consult at least from the handholding IVF clinic across town.  Honestly, it has better stats in my age group anyway.

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