Monday, September 22, 2014

A Big Day

Choices have been made and I feel so nervous and sick, but also settled, like we are finally moving forward instead of wasting more time with IUIs.  IVF time.  Let's go.

The new doctor was as TOTALLY different experience.  It was possibly the nicest office/medical environment I've ever seen (even nicer than the freaking spa at the mammogram center.)  The billing people were ON POINT.  The receptionist knew all my shit.  The doctor was prepared.  I waited less than five minutes.  Everything went right.  It also helped make my decision that I had to call the old doctor for a code for the portal to see the records and spent 30 minutes on hold.

I'm not in love with this doctor's manner or some of his opinions (he gives a lot of interviews), but his numbers are some of the best in the whole country.  He explained everything, and he took his time.  He seemed very calm.  Maybe that's because I was trying to decide how to narrow down the million thoughts in my head.

He said I looked like an absolutely perfect candidate, and there should be no reason it doesn't work.  He estimated my success at 60% fresh, 40% frozen.  Best numbers I've heard in a while.

So I got a new doctor.  I also got approved by the insurance for IVF, and they cover EVERYTHING!  OMG.  It's even better than I thought.  The financial lady said it's possible they might only cover transfering one embryo?  I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  Now I have a calendar and a whole plan.  And maybe I can get pregnant by Christmas after all.

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  1. Am so glad to hear that you've found a clinic that you feel happy with - it does sound pretty amazing!! And those figures sound amazing too! Am praying for a happy, healthy pre-Christmas pregnancy for you..x