Monday, December 22, 2014

Failed IVF: The Gift That's Still Giving

After I failed at IVF, it just kept on giving me wonderful Christmas gifts.  I got another period, a yeast infection, and the flu.  Yay!

Well, now I got another gift.  IVF hormones reversed the laser hair removal that I got done years ago.  I knew pregnancy would, and I guess IVF has early!  I had to go dig a razor out of the back of the closet since it has been so long.  Weirdly, it's in these gross clumpy spots like a dalmation.  I guess it's not terrible, but big change.

Now I have to decide whether it's worth throwing down a few hundred bucks to get laser treatments when surely I'll be pregnant any minute.   Like always.  Free Beer.  Tomorrow.  I hate the idea of being a stirrup frequent flier with dalmation spots, ugh.

Oh, and please let me know your thoughts on my plan for next cycle on my WTF post.


  1. oh girl!!! Boo for that!!!!! I got laser hair removal and loved it, but could def probably use another round!!!

    1. I'm thinking I won't bother if I'll be right back at these hormones. Ugh.

  2. Unwanted hair growth for Christmas! Of course that would be the parting gift!!!