Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ectopic Watch

A new, bossy nurse called back on Saturday.  I guess they ran my blood again???  Bossy Nurse asked me about my medicine, progesterone suppositories and estrogen patches, times, dates, witnesses.  Have you been taking your medicine???  I admitted to pulling off the damn patches and skipping a day of progesterone after I got a 2.2 beta and told to come back for the zero.  But I took them again on Wednesday, even though I hate progesterone, so it should have been fine for my Friday draw.  I'd rather be on Lupron than progesterone.  And these estrogen patches are gross and sticky.  I did myself a favor and didn't even bother to google the side effects of estrogen.

So, yes, more or less, I have been taking my stupid medicine that will not work.  I then got a whole bunch of instructions that I didn't get at my emergency ectopic scan yesterday.  I guess I am now on something called "ectopic watch" which is a lot less cool than it sounds.  I'm not allowed to travel.  I got a new phone number to call if I have "sharp, shooting pain" or "heavy bleeding" or "dizziness and lightheadedness."  Fun.

I caved and bought a pack of Wondfos.  Two Wondfos on Thursday, when my beta was somewhere between 6-15 were negative.  So I took another today, hoping it would be negative and maybe this would be over.  Nope, got a squinter.  Ugh.  I'm way beyond thinking this could work, but that would definitely require a screaming BFP by now.  So I was hoping for negative.  The one time I actually want this Wondfo to be negative, it's a squinter.
  And all those pre-Thanksgiving Wondfos white as the driven snow. 3 Wondfos down, 47 to go.

EDIT:  On Sunday, I got another squinter first thing in the morning, and it's just as squinty as yesterday's squinter, in most light you can't even see it.  4 Wondfos down, 46 to go.  Guess I'm getting methotrexate next week.

EDIT:  Got barely a squinter Sunday night, and a negative on Monday morning!  Maybe this will go to zero on its own, and I will avoid a bunch of nastiness tomorrow!  44 Wondfos to go.

EDIT:  Another negative Monday night!  Maybe this is going to be OK.  43 Wondfos left.


  1. Did they say if there was any chance this could still end up being viable (assuming it's not in your tube)?
    Your beta is rising so I'm wondering if there is hope.

    1. They were pretty clear that unless I get a magical 500 beta on Tuesday or something I will be getting methotrexate. The worry is the ectopic rupturing again. :(

    2. They made me keep taking this stupid medicine in case it was some kind of miracle increase this weekend, which obviously hasn't happened.

    3. If you take the methotrexate very soon, even if it's in your tube, that would save the tube?

      I'm so sorry, this is shit of the highest order.

    4. The methotrexate would avoid a D&C or removing another tube for what is not a viable pregnancy in whatever location. For me, it also removes the obvious risk of rupture. Anyone doing IVF would be watched like this, but I would haven been watched like this at the OB anyway because of the rupture.

  2. I really have no clue what is going on, this is crazy shit. I am hoping and praying you get some resolution soon - I just don't understand it. This is like the worst outcome possible, I can't really believe I'm reading it, I'm sure you can't believe it's happening.

  3. I'm so sorry. This is just awful. I hope you'll reach zero soon. Hugs.xx