Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Beta 4 and A Run In

Beta was 4, which is awesome because it is dropping and almost zero.  Still have to come in next week.  Of course I do.  This means I can probably avoid methotrexate or a D&C or anything happening to my other tube.  I am now off of ectopic watch and I can stop taking these awful meds.  Good.  I mean, not good because it means the entire IVF cycle failed.  But good that at least I avoided that nastiness.

At check out, I saw a former co-worker (male) with I guess his wife.  In any other context, I would have said hi.  Hell, if I were buying granny panties and Monistat at the Wal Mart check out, I would have said hi and tried to catch up.  But the fertility clinic.  After a failed IVF cycle...

I hid in the bathroom like a boss.  It had three stalls, and I was just messing with my iPad at the sink, after I got sick of sitting on a toilet.  Check out can take forever sometimes.  The lady who came in and left must have thought I was crazy.  But the fertility clinic is a terrible place to run into someone you know.  Actually, I'm shocked that has never happened in the last 18 months!  But this is a big city with a lot of clinics.

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