Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On the Boat!

Yesterday, I got to learn to use the big shot drugs, Gonal F, so I drug my husband with me.  Also, we were going to meet some friends for a picnic on their sailboat that afternoon, and the doctor is kind of on the way.

"Every time we go to the doctor, we go on the boat!"  He even sounded happy about it.
"No.  Every time you go go the doctor, we go on the boat.  I go to the doctor all the fucking time."

The last time he came with me was a May 15 IUI, and then, yes, we went on the boat.  Other than that, he also showed up for the March IUI.  Missing from his list is five million scans, eight doctor appointments, blood draws, three different pharmacies, and the two canceled IUI schedules.  I feel like I go to this awful place all the time, not the boat.  Must be nice.

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