Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fifth Time

Things are happening.  I have an adoption meeting on Thursday, we agreed to thaw an embryo in July, depending on what happens with adoption.  We should easily be able to do a home study or whatever else they make us do.  Things are moving forward and going well.  I haven't been charting or taking all these supplements or my blood thinner (except on planes!) or worried about any of it.  One way or another, something is going to happen because we are going to make something happen.

And then I had a dream.  That I was pregnant.

So I tested, the day before Easter Sunday.  SCREAMING POSITIVE.

And suddenly I was filled with all the love in the world, as if this is what were meant to be.  Easter has always had special religious significance in my house, and it's like I could feel my grandmother.  It's been a long time since I could feel her.  Suddenly, this feels like it could all be real.  Maybe after over four years, this could be me.

You know what they say, fifth time is a charm.


  1. I am a longtime reader - I am so so happy for you! I had four miscarriages- and the fifth time was a charm for me!

  2. Such incredible news!!! I have tears of joy for you

  3. Wow! Good luck! I promise I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. Oh I'm so hopeful for you! We were literally in same place last January when we got our positive for our rainbow baby. Fingers, toes it's all crossed for you! ❤️

  5. What completely amazing news! Speaking from someone who's experienced it first hand I know exactly the love, excitment, hope and fear that you are experiencing each and every day. Praying this is it for you guys!

  6. That's so great!! I'm so happy for you! I really hope this is it for you!!